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Play Selection Committee

The Play Selection Committee is responsible for preparing each season of productions, and for organising informal readings of a plays which may be being considered for a full production, or which the Committee feels is worth reading in its own right.

Play Selection

You are welcome to suggest a play which you feel might be suitable for production, or for a reading. You do not have to want to direct it yourself, but many plays are submitted by people who do want to take on this role.

We perform three plays a year in March, June and December. The Committee provides assistance at auditions and deals with the application for licences, and will assist prospective directors with their budget. Typically, each production needs a run-in period of no less than six months, and preferably longer.

We welcome experienced directors who are new to Chichester Players, and suggestions from any members of the group.

Studio productions

We are also looking for would-be directors who are either new to the group or new to directing, who are interested in directing a short play or putting on a rehearsed play-reading in a less formal environment than the main theatre. This is an excellent way for you to test your skills and to get to know the company better!

What do you need to do?

If you want to direct

  • a main stage play,
  • a studio production,
  • or if you have a great idea for a play-reading

please get in touch with Richard Kinder on 01730 821939 or via email at richardkinder08@aol.com.

Forms for would be directors

We’d love to hear from you!

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